KnF Team: Structural Engineer Special Inspection Agency Construction Monitoring
KnF Team:Structural EngineerSpecial Inspection AgencyConstruction Monitoring

Special Inspection & Inspector:

A Special Inspection Agency & Special inspectors are third party licensed professional engineers and architects who oversee the construction and sign off of your project. Special inspection agencies are required to be hired by the owner, and are required for every single permitted project in New York City. We provide all levels of special inspection services from Substructure to Superstructure including soil site preperation, subgrade, pile driving, casing, foundation, footing, grade beam, strap beam, piers, retaining wall, reinforced concrete structure, structural steel, welding, concrete, masonry, and spray fireproofing, mechanical, energy, sprinkler, and firestopping. A Special Inspection Agency can issue TRs for Architectural, Civil, Geotechnical, Mechanical, Structural & Engergy Code Compliance related items. 

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Structural Engineering - Mosharraf Hossain, PE, LEED AP

Special Inspection & Monitoring - Fahad Fateh, PE, ICC, ACI


10 Times Square 3rd Floor Suite 3131

Manhattan, New York 10018

Phone 1: 212-729-4957

Phone 2: 917-584-8153

Fax: 718-521-5545

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KnF Team:

Structural Engineering

Special Inspection 

Construction Monitoring


10 Times Square

3rd Floor Suite 3131

Manhattan, NY 10018

Phone 1: 212-729-4957

Phone 2: 917-584-8153

Fax: 718-521-5545

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