KnF Team: Structural Engineer Special Inspection Agency Construction Monitoring
KnF Team:Structural EngineerSpecial Inspection AgencyConstruction Monitoring

About Us:

KnF Services Corp is a New York City Department of Buildings licensed class II special inspection agency. We have in-house engineer, architect and technician in the field of architectural, structural, civil, and mechanical engineering of the building elements who oversee and sign off the construction of your project from soil boring test to building certificate of occupancy.

KnF Team is based upon the foundations of strong ethics, professionalism, technical knowledge, and obedient to CODE. We are well known in the industry as we perform our inspection in accordance with CODE & Contract documents. When you hire KnF, we become part of your construction team charged with the task of ensuring quality construction and efficient operations of critical systems necessary for the success of any project. We utilize the latest technology to communicate with team members, organize project reports and distribution, and cost control.


KnF Team stay on your side for quality control of you project until the project is sign off to facelifte certificate of occupancy. 

Contact us for more information or additional services:

Structural Engineering - Mosharraf Hossain, PE, LEED AP

Special Inspection & Monitoring - Fahad Fateh, PE, ICC, ACI


10 Times Square 3rd Floor Suite 3131

Manhattan, New York 10018

Phone 1: 212-729-4957

Phone 2: 917-584-8153

Fax: 718-521-5545

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KnF Team:

Structural Engineering

Special Inspection 

Construction Monitoring


10 Times Square

3rd Floor Suite 3131

Manhattan, NY 10018

Phone 1: 212-729-4957

Phone 2: 917-584-8153

Fax: 718-521-5545

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